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USA Tech Direct is a dedicated team of professionals focused on providing new, high-tech, USA-made products that help Americans work and play in a safe environment.  We are not your typical distribution company.  We hand-pick products we personally believe in to ensure the customer experience is unparalleled. 

Formerly USA Rapid Test, distributing COVID rapid tests nationwide, we’ve now expanded to help with medical supply, safety and preventative products by the thousands.


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Atmofizer Filterless Air Purification

Imagine… No Filter to Change

Atmofizer is a filterless, newly patented technology, air purifier. Developed by a German engineer, this technology uses ultra-sonic waves, to group tiny particles together before deactivating them with UV rays. Thus, removing odors, allergens, viruses and bacteria to create cleaner air without ever needing a filter.



Graphene Active

Air Filtration



    • ViralWall instantly creates a safe, invisible screen between two or more people
    • Proven to be 99.85% effective against Human coronavirus (hCov-OC43)
    • First air purifier to use revolutionary graphene technology to deliver superior results
    • Portable, light device that can be placed on any table or counter area

COVID Rapid Tests

Self test at home or office

Rapid Antigen Test (POC)

  • 25 individual tests per box
  • Point Of Care use
  • Results in only 15-mins
  • Accuracy of 93% sensitivity, 99% specificity
  • FDA EUA (Emergency Use Authorization)
  • Must have CLIA # or CLIA waiver

Rapid Antigen Home Test (OTC)

  • Okay for OTC (Over the counter) Sale
  • At Home Self-Test Approved
  • In-Home Results in only 15-mins
  • Accuracy of 93% sensitivity, 99% specificity
  • FDA EUA (Emergency Use Authorization)

iHealth Covid Self-Test

  • 2 individual tests per box
  • At Home Self-Test Approved
  • In-Home Results in only 15-mins
  • Accuracy of 97% sensitivity, 98% specificity
  • FDA EUA (Emergency Use Authorization

Cue Health Molecular COVID-19 Test


    • TSA Approved, same as a PCR Test
    • The test is completely self contained – no mixing of fluids or complex testing procedure required
    • Our connected, portable and accurate diagnostic system provides real-time, actionable health data to drive better outcomes.

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Meet Our Leadership Team

We are committed to our original purpose of getting America back to work, safely. From schools to offices, retail shops, restaurants, hospitality, gyms, assisted living and wellness centers – your business is our priority. Our nationwide network of clients rave about our exemplary service, accurate tests, and cutting edge technology products. We do this to help you, your family, your company and customers remain safe and free from fear. Our purpose is to help.


David Lee Jensen


David is a two-time bestselling author, Fortune 50 speaker and entrepreneur with the personal mission of restoring our nation’s productivity. At USA Tech Direct his focus is steering company strategy, PR, marketing & new product lines.

Monica Agami


Our COO has spent the better part of her career creating and growing an international certified financial planning firm. At USA Tech Direct, she drives the sales teams for all our lines while also managing all sub-distributor and reseller relationships.

Sunny Jensen


Our CFO is a seasoned executive with an educator background.  She creates stability for our organization, ensuring the highest-quality delivery from the rest of the team. On top of her CFO duties, she also manages research, compliance & vendors.